The Basics For An Exceptional Ministry


The facts of the new strategy are unmasked during this forty-day, post-resurrection period. The Great Commission is mentioned in all of the gospels, and for the fifth time we believe it is in Functions 1:8 prepared in a different way. That Scripture shows a far more unique technique than the different four versions reveal. Essentially this strategy unmasked a gradual geographical movement from an area epicenter that will expand to global proportions. The more they eliminated themselves from Jerusalem the more challenges they’d encounter with language, social values and different pagan philosophies. If we dissect and examine this passing cautiously and description each area we can discover God’s purpose and technique to save a lost humanity.Image result for Acts 1:8 Ministry

Actually, Jesus recognized one purpose in the thoughts of His disciples, that of ongoing the ministry expansion of the empire of Lord in the world after His departure. He associated that purpose with seven factors he referred to in Acts 1:8 Ministry. The very first one begins with people, including you and I. (Please pay attention to the italic phrases in the Scripture passages that follow after every headline.)

God’s original intention was to bring what’s promising of salvation through His Boy, Jesus. First, Jesus in His earthly ministry shown the kingdom and then shown His disciples (Acts 1:1). Then he turned that responsibility to probably the most uncommon people. Number one would have regarded and selected these twelve men to be on their team. Jesus did. The group contained a couple of fishermen, a tax enthusiast, a zealot and others. Which were Galileans with the exception of Judas Iscariot who originated in the southern element of Israel. Many of these Galileans were unschooled (illiterate) and normal (idiots) men (Acts 4:13), while the others were from the market arena. This is not a desire group by any standards. The apostle Paul in his letter to the Corinthians observed:

Brothers, consider what you’re when you had been called. Very few of you had been clever by individual requirements; very few were important; very few were of respectable birth. But God find the silly things of the entire world to pity the clever; God chose the poor points of the world to shame the strong. He find the lowly points of the world and the despised points and what are not to nullify the things that are, to ensure that no you can present before Him. (1 Corinthians 1:26-29)

God would definitely utilize the many uncommon individuals to spread His gospel to a lost world. His function for choosing these guys was therefore they would understand that salvation and the wonders will be wrought by heavenly treatment, maybe not by man’s capacity or ingenuity. Lord could receive the credit for the blind receiving their sight, the worthless walking, the useless increasing alive, and countless of people coming to Christ.

But it was a particular itinerant preacher, by the name of John the Baptist, who initially pointed to the Messiah as the Person who can baptize them with the assured Holy Soul: I baptize you with water, but He [Jesus] may baptize you with the Holy Spirit. (Mark 1:8)

Jesus not merely offered them the Sacred Soul but He would be the one who would fulfill His own promise. That promise, present in Joel 2:28, was satisfied by the ascended Christ in the next section of Acts. Jesus had spent forty of His article resurrection days with His apostles telling and exposing to them His empire strategy. Among the countless strategies He distributed using them was the offer of the Sacred Spirit. That offer will be satisfied fifty days out from His resurrection. The disciples did not know precisely when this promise would be satisfied but only that it might happen soon. They only thought and behaved upon His words.