Paint your Victorian-style house with the help of exterior painting companies in Gloucesterlike Burke and Crew!



When it comes to painting the exterior walls of a house, its architecture plays a huge role. While the houses with traditional styles of architecture have a lot of trims, the same cannot be said for modern and contemporary houses. If you have a Victorian-style house, then it probably has those high pointed roofs with tall field walls. Painting such houses calls for an expert set of hands and that is what you get by hiring exterior painting companies in Gloucesterlike usto do the job for you.

Our experiencedexterior painting contractors in Gloucestercan help you achieve any look. Here are a few great ideas that fit well with Victorian-style houses.

Warm and Authentic

Victorian-style houses always exude a sense of opulence and you can enhance that look by opting for the classic warm colors that have been in use for centuries. How about picking natural shades like sand, stone and brick? Hire one of the best exterior painting companies in Gloucesterlike Burke and Crew to aid you in finding the right color combination with these three shades. Our pro tip would be to choose the brick color for the roof.

Go light without the white

When people think of light exterior walls, more often than not, they end up choosing the color white. However, if you want to stand out, then ditch the color white completely. You should choose colors like lemon yellow or lilac and opt for a dark grey roof. Getting in touch with the top exterior painting companies in Gloucesterlike us will help you make such ideas a reality.

Pick a Pretty Pastel

If you are looking to have a semi-formal look for your house, then choosing some pretty pastel colorscan really help. Colors like pale pink, magic mint, mauve, and baby blue, are some of the top options you can try. Go for white trims to add a touch of class to the overall look. Hiring Exterior Painting services in IPSWICH will help you get the job done in quick time.

Go for the Period Purist Look

Colors like tan, beige, terracotta were some of the most common colors used to paint the exteriors of the Victorian-style houses decades ago. If you are a purist at heart, you should use these colors to recreate the look. You should ask exterior painting companies in Gloucesterlike Burke and Crew for more suggestions on how you can retain that classic look.

Create a Vibrant Body

How about a combination of red and yellow or lavender and burgundy? If you want to experiment with colors, then these combinations are a great way to do it. Get in touch ourexterior painting contractors in Gloucesterto get similar ideas.

Pick A five-color theme

If you want your house to really stand out, then going for a five-colortheme would be great option to try. The idea is to have different colors for different parts of the exterior – one for the fields, one for the trims, one for the roof, one for the railings and windows and one for the door. If you want this color scheme for your house, then make sure that you work with one of the top exterior painting companies in Gloucesterlike Burke and Crew because this requires experience to do it the right way. One pro-tip would be to paint the door of your house in a dark color that is in complete contrast with the light colors used otherwise.

If you are looking to get the job done in quick time, know that Burke and Crew is one of the leadingexterior painting companies in Gloucesterand can deliver the results with a quickly.