How period panties work and how you can clean them easily



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Being female is great in several ways. However, that does not come without challenges. Dealing with a monthly menstrual cycle is one of the problems you’ll have to go through. From experiencing cramps to the bloating and even dealing with blood, it may be disgusting. Also, trying to get the blood out of your panty can be challenging. Here you can find out how period panties work, read on.

Period panties have existed for centuries. However, they have also changed immensely over that period. Previously, talking about periods openly would make you sound crude. However, times have changed, and nowadays, that has become a normal thing. Also, experts have come up with different types of these pants. One model holds the pad in place while the other completely replace the pad.

The problem of leaking didn’t seem so easy to curb. However, that became possible by the introduction of panties that hold the pad. They prevent the shifting of the pad as you walk, which is the main reason for leaks. Their use is straightforward; you slip the pad into slots made in the panties. Once you fix it properly, it stays there all day.

Panties that replace pads are also an easy option to use. Such panties have material that makes you stay comfortable and also are thin and attractive. Also, you can get that natural feeling from them because they are breathable and do not have the diaper-like material. If comfort is your top priority, then these are your panties.

Getting the blood out of panties is another tough task women have to do. You should use cold water to avoid setting the stain. Then use a scrubber to remove the stain while rinsing until it gets off completely. If you choose to use a washing machine, ensure the water is cold and use some stain removal product. After scrubbing and rinsing, dry it and store it well.