Do you know these 4 facts about Tempered glass screen protector?



Almost all Smartphone users nowadays are using tempered glass screen protector for its huge benefits and ability to protect smartphone’s glass screen. Nobody wants to see their iPhones have develops a crack or the highly-priced flagship android Smartphone from a reputed brand has scratches on its surface. In most cases, due to the huge cost of replacing the glass screen of the smartphone people keep on using their Smartphone.

Tempered glass screen protector comes as a boon to all Smartphone users as it has the capability to protect the glass surface and cost of replacement is really low. One little innovative invention of this kind not only saves your money but also throw your worries out.

These days’ Chinese wholesale market and Chinese tempered glass screen protector manufacturers are offering high-quality tempered glass screen protector at really reasonable rates.  You can also search Alibaba or Aliexpress for tempered glass screen protector.

General Properties of Tempered Glass screen protector:
We all know by now that tempered glass screen protector is far better than any other types of screen protectors. It has properties like scratch resistant, shatter resistant and crack resistant. You will be amazed to know that tempered glass screen protector resists scratches that are made by sand. It is a complete protection solution for your Smartphon’s glass screen surface.

Here are the Four reasons that are in favour of using Tempered Glass Screen Protector

5 Layers of Optimal Protection

Making of tempered glass screen protector is a complex one and involve different technologies. To ensure maximum protection of your Smartphon’s glass screen, tempered glass screen protector has five layers of different materials. The base of the product is consists of a shock-absorbent, adhesive silicon layer to stick to your Smartphone. Next layer on the top of it is a layer of PET film, which is similar yet far better than the standard plastic screen protector that is generally offered with your Smartphone handset.  Next layer is the tempered glass which is forged such a way that its hardness and endurance much higher than the normal glasses. On the top of everything the last layer is an Oleophobic coating to minimise dust and dirt on your screen. Oleophobic also helps to reduce fingerprints on your phone’s surface.  Five layers actually give your Smartphone at least five times better protection and tough guard to your Smartphone Screen.

Way better than Plastic Screen Protector

Plastic may sometimes come cheaper and having PET films or TPU as materials but compared to tempered glass screen protector it is nothing. Price-wise, the difference is getting narrower with each passing day thanks to Chinese manufacturers who can offer high-quality product at lesser price.Sizes and Shapes are not problems at all

Any brand, any size, any Shape you can get it in a tempered glass screen protector specially the curved ones. Plastic protectors cannot offer you this facility as yet.

Price is within your reachYou can ask any mobile repairing shop or brand showroom about the cost of replacing original glass screen of your Smartphone and then ask the price of tempered glass screen protector. The gap between the prices will surely come as huge relief to you as tempered glass screen protector is far more affordable.  For example: Cost of replacing the original glass screen can be $200 to $300 whereas high-quality tempered glass can cost between $15 t0 $40.